Individuals in bold type are buried in Goos Cemetery. Individuals in italics are thought to be still living. Individuals in parentheses are buried elsewhere.

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Reeves Goos, Laura Rebecca
Richards, Charles Henry
Richards, Jr., Edward Elias

Richards, Sr., Edward Elias
Richards, Edward Wilson
Richards, Emma M. Goos
Richards, Frances Graham Daniels
Richards Jessen, Georgiana
Richards, Guy Leonard
Richards, Sr., Guy Leonard
Richards Swice, Helen S.
Richards I, Infant
Richards II, Infant
Richards, Katherine Moeling Fitzenreiter
Richards Gray Cosner Giffin, Marie Frances

Richards Rosenthal, Relief Sterling
Richardson, Charles Albert

Richardson Anderson, Elizabeth H.
Richardson, Irene Moeling Paret Weeks
Rosenthal, David R.
Rosenthal, Dick Wilson
Rosenthal, Elizabeth Helen Oliva
Rosenthal, Florence Lillian
Rosenthal, Maurice
Rosenthal, Paul
Rosenthal, Relief Sterling Richards


Savoie King, Mary Elizabeth
Schap, Sr., Herbert Dudley
Schap, Relief Katherine Jessen
Severs, Sr., Albert Forest
Severs, Hazel Gertrude Musgrove

Severs, Maggie Louise Goos
Severs Pavy, Mary Louise

Severs Meyerson, Rose
Severs, Willie Wardwell
Simpson, Della Georgianna Wachsen
Simpson Layer, Della Martha

Simpson Carman Hahn, Eunice Lillie
Simpson, James Gilford
Simpson, John Arthur
Simpson Paret, Letitia Florence Lock

Smith, Mildred Ruth Fitzenreiter Eubanks
Sperling, Ellsworth Clifford
Sperling, Billie Jean Goos

Swice, Andrew
Swice, Helen S. Richards