Individuals in bold type are buried in Goos Cemetery. Individuals in italics are thought to be still living. Individuals in parentheses are buried elsewhere.

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Koonce Bush, Betty Sue
Kelley Goos, Edna

(Kelley Goos, Elsie)
Kelley Koonce, Eva
Kessler Woolfley, Mary Florence

King, E. John
King, Mary Elizabeth Savoie
Knapp Morton, Florence Ida Paret
Knapp Claxton Dunk, Helen Martha Paret
Knight, Elizabeth A. Lock

Koonce, Albert Alfred
Koonce, Eva Kelley
Koonce, Katherine Barbara Goos
(Koonce, Leo)
Koonce Battles Lee, Mable Elsie
Krause, Frances Florence McCain
Krause Wilson, Fritzi

Krause, Herman Carl


Layer, Bruce Edward
Layer, Della Martha Simpson
Lee, Mable Elsie Koonce Battles
Leger, Betty Ann
Leleux Trammel, Thelma Lee Funk
Lock, Edna Goodwin
Lock Knight, Elizabeth A.
Lock, Elmina Martha "Ellen" Goos

Lock, Sr., M.D., Frank Ray
Lock, Frederick Goos
Lock, George
Lock, Jr., George Thomas
(Lock, Sr., George Thomas)

Lock Tieman, Irma Letitia
Lock Simpson Paret, Letitia Florence
Lock, Lillian Gertrude "Gerda" Guillory
Lock Martinez Pla, Selma Miller
Lock, Mary Frances Bonney

Lock, Virginia Guillot Chesson