Bruce Edward Layer

Born: May 29, 1902 in San Antonio, Texas
Died: June 9, 1981 in Houston, Texas
Buried: Goos Cemetery, Lake Charles, Louisiana  (Map 2)
Wife: Della Martha Simpson
Married: May 7, 1929 in Houston, Texas

Bruce Layer of Houston Post Is Entering Service

        HOUSTON, Texas, Nov. 4. (AP) This swan song, under Bruce Layer's byline, appeared in the Houston Post today:
        "This marks the last appearance of Sports of the Day for the duration.
        "Tomorrow morning I go to work for Mr. Whiskers.
        "Since that Sunday afternoon last December when a radio blared out in a lounge car of a train rumbling through Oregon I knew I would get around to putting in some time for the old gent.
        "Nineteen years ago I left San Antonio to come to Houston and today I get ready to go back to say `I do' for uncle.
        "Covering sports here has been a lot of fun. It was great working with and for so great a group of sportsmen and when it is all over I hope to get back for a few more guesses that will be as wild as the one on Baylor last year."