Catherine Barbara "Katie" Funk

Born: 1878
Died: January 18, 1886
Buried: Goos Cemetery, Lake Charles, Louisiana  (Map 9)
Father: Conrad Funk, Sr.
Mother: Medora Goos

Della Bel Krause:

        This child was a hunchback. When she was tiny, her nurse was pulling her in a little wagon. She fell out and broke her back. As she grew older she was very sensitive about her deformity, and would crawl under the bed in "Little Grandma's" (Marie Garig Moeling) room and hide. The story is told that "Little Grandma" said that she did not have much longer to live on the earth, and that the child was so pitiful that when she died she would try to take her with her. True or false, not long after her death, the child did die. Her mother Madora was living at the time on St. John's Island. She ran for help in the middle of the night, leaving the two other children alone with the child. Altho (sic) she took a lantern with her, she got lost in the swamp, and really never recovered from this horrible experience.